Bioluminescence – The New Album from Parable Fifteen

Bioluminescence – The New Album from Parable Fifteen

Parable Fifteen is a Durban-based band comprising four musicians who consider themselves family. Each accomplished musicians in their own right, the band’s members – Marc Skarda (Vocals), Nic Leahy (Guitar), Bryce Breeds (Bass Guitar) and Marius Botha (Drums) – have combined their various individual tastes and styles to create a sound that is captivatingly fresh.

In the past few years Parable Fifteen has made strong inroads into the live music scene, gigging intensively and being playlisted on radio in South Africa with several hits . ‘You and Me’ is the latest release from the Durban based musicians Marc Skarda (vocals ); Bryce Breeds (bass); Marius Botha (drums) and Nic Leahy (guitar). The band’s highly-anticipated third full length album, Bioluminescence, has been released. The guys look forward to embarking on a national tour as soon as the live entertainment restrictions are lifted.

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