11:11 TamSINS’ Birthday Bash: PERMISSION TO PLAY – TRENCHTOWN, Cape Town

Bringing SA ALT ASSAULT to the TRENCHTOWN dancefloor

8:30 pm

I have been texting and e-mailing my fingers to the bone to get…..PERMISSION TO PLAY… LOCAL S.A music for my birthday and DJ’s Ginoxide and Myster-I have joined forces to bring SA ALT ASSAULT to the TRENCHTOWN dancefloor.
TRAX FROM these bands : Diverted Disorder, Doomtrigger, Mind Assault, V.O.D, Kill Frenzy,The Alpha Sequence, As Time Divides, Sundergeist, Terminatryx, Dredge the Lethe,Constellatia and many many more….Sprinkled in with International anthems the Pit is sure to be sweaty. Lest we forget about the Gothic and Industrial Coffin Kids like myself, oh no my friend, the Darklings are well represented, including Generation X classics and anthems from the days when I was but a youngin. As a special birthday gift, RAVEN has agreed to a mini D.J. set and I am very excited to see what he has in store for me. JHB based band DIVERTED DISORDER have snuck me an unreleased song which I am keeping close to my heart until I can share it on the dancefloor this 11:11. Something really special, thank you men and see you in December. A huge THANKS to DJ’s Ginoxide and Myster-I, without you the blinky lights stay off, and to all the artists who gave me permission to play their music, I am once again blown away by the magic of the people who wear blllaaaack. TOOL lyrics from the track JIMMY: ONE AND ONE ARE ONE.ELEVEN.SO GLOW,CHILD,GLOW.
I hope to see you for my birthday. TamSIN/UnderLand


11:11 TamSINS’ Birthday Bash: PERMISSION TO PLAY – TRENCHTOWN, Cape Town


143 Lower Main Rd, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925, South Africa