2019 South African HorrorFest – Labia Theatre, CT

we'll be giving you the most horrifically fun Halloween season across 29 October - 7 November at the Labia Theatre

From to 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm

We’re proud to announce the 15th edition of the annual South African HorrorFest!
Trailers & Tickets: www.quicket.co.za/organisers/576-south-african-horrorfest

And as you’ve come to expect, we’ll be giving you the most horrifically fun Halloween season across 29 October – 7 November at the Labia Theatre, with movies, short films, documentaries, Doctor Sleep pre-release premiere, live silent film soundtrack performance, filmmaker attendance, Halloween dress-up, prizes, give-aways, Rocky Horror Picture Show audience participation and more!

All movie titles and events are currently being finalized, but those ready to book are listed below (all tickets R45 except The Phantom Carriage live soundtrack: R75). More announced soon.
[ book at www.quicket.co.za/organisers/576-south-african-horrorfest ]


> TUES 29 OCT <

6:00pm – BLOODY PARCHMENT (Horror & SF literature night – Free Entry) – Event page: www.facebook.com/events/414227695961495

> WED 30 OCT <

(world first double feature of the original shocker and its new documentary – for a single ticket price)
Book: qkt.io/TTBznU

> THUR 31 OCT <
Halloween Night!

8:30pm – THE SHINING (This legendary Stephen King / Stanley Kubrick classic remains brilliant after 40 years – catch this rare cinema screening just in time for its sequel DOCTOR SLEEP)
Book: qkt.io/dbv732

> FRI 1 NOV <

6:15pm – SHADOW REALM SHORT FILMS Vol. I (Fantastic short films from around the world) Book: qkt.io/SHwHRm

8:30pm – ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (audience dress-up / participation) Book: qkt.io/5VxTNR

> SAT 2 NOV <

4:00pm – CLOWNADO (Crazy clowns on a rampage) Book: qkt.io/psGgpu

6:15pm – THE MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION OF MICHAEL REEVES (documentary) Book: qkt.io/Bgq3ue

9:00pm – THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE ( The Makabra Ensemble live silent film soundtrack performance with special guests Sara from Polar Dust and Keaton Anthony aka Grimehouse and one half of NEW HERO) Book: qkt.io/rjLPJD

> SUN 3 NOV <

4:00pm – FULCI FOR FAKE (the first ever documentary on notorious Italian director Lucio Fulci) Book: qkt.io/5uXil8

6:15pm – LAST SACRAMENT (World Premiere with filmmakers attending) Book: qkt.io/rxlSjM

8:30pm – Stephen King’s DOCTOR SLEEP
(Catch a special pre-release screening of the much anticipated sequel to THE SHINING, 5 days before the rest of the world!)
Book now: qkt.io/IZWzxP

> MON 4 NOV <

6:15pm – DEATHCEMBER (24 chilling, mad, hilarious chapters set around the festive season, by 2 dozen varied directors) Book: qkt.io/INf5bp

8:30pm – SHADOW REALM SHORT FILMS Vol. II (more unmissable shorts from around the globe) Book: qkt.io/wcGjzk

> TUES 5 NOV <

6:15pm – BLOOD & FLESH : THE REEL LIFE AND GHASTLY DEATH OF AL ADAMSON (fascinating documentary on this legendary B-movie director found murdered & buried under the floorboards) Book: qkt.io/QraMpf

8:30pm – THE VELOCIPASTOR (a priest is afflicted with te ability to turn into a dinosaur!) Book: qkt.io/pEDJJd

> WED 6 NOV <

6:15pm – ARTIK (serial killer and his young apprentice)
Book: www.quicket.co.za/events/87324-artik

8:30pm – I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE Déjà Vu (direct sequel to 1978 classic – star Jamie Bernadette flying in from the USA to attend) Book: qkt.io/aRqy6s

> THUR 7 NOV <
Closing Night

6:15pm – SHADOW REALM SHORT FILMS Vol. III (3rd and final chapter of incredible short films from across the planet) Book: qkt.io/1TNrVw

8:30pm – THE CURSE OF THE SWAMP CREATURE (B-movie with live Rob van Vuuren & Karen Jeynes comedy commentary)
Book: qkt.io/QQc2si

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2019 South African HorrorFest – Labia Theatre, CT


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