Afterburn- A SPIRIT Train Fundraiser

'AFTERBURN' is The SPIRIT Train's annual Fundraiser event whereby we get to summon the tail-end of the Afrikaburn spirit within just a few days of that soul-altering experience in Tankwa Town.

2:00 pm

………. SHOTGUUUN !!!

No – this does not mean you get front row seats !!

SHOTGUN is a term originating from the days of lawlessness & the wild west, when a cowboy (on the left of the horse-drawn carriage, next to the cowboy holding the reigns) held a shotgun to protect his men & cargo from attack. Interesting right ??

But in the context of the HERE and NOW … can we get a SHOTGUN in the house … because L O B O is W A N T E D !!!

This mutated wolf, beast of the dust, technologically-challenged piece of sensory engagement … or whatever you wish to call him … is WANTED for RECKLESS CREATIVITY and DISREGARD FOR SONIC EQUILIBRIUM. And the REWARD – you get to witness the melting of your very own prefrontal cortex on our dance-floor. Fair trade ?

Now after all of this song & dance can we get an AWOOOOOOOOOO for making it out from Tankwa Town in one piece ?? (…insert all of the catchy ‘dust’ related metaphors here).

‘AFTERBURN’ is The SPIRIT Train’s annual Fundraiser event whereby we get to summon the tail-end of the Afrikaburn spirit within just a few days of that soul-altering experience in Tankwa Town. This is also YOUR CHANCE to relive the memories, or if you were not fortunate enough to attend Afrikaburn – an opportunity to shake some proper booty to some of the world’s finest djs & rub shoulders with the Afrikaburn community & patrons. We choose this date (1st Saturday after Afrikaburn) specifically to capture the presence of the very tropical/colorful array of musicians (from around the globe) that visit the Western Cape during this auspicious time. With at least 5-6 selected artists/producers (of varying, but distinct origins) donning our lineup, we cannot technically say we have any ‘headliners’ … as they all are. And in the context of Afrikaburn, immediacy and our approach to lineup composition in Tankwa … there is no individual that stands upon higher ground than another, right ?


** DANDARA (Switzerland) / Sol Selectas soundcloud.com/dandaramusic
** KOSHA (India) / Kosa Records
** BELLVILLE (Germany) / Incroyable Music soundcloud.com/bellville
** PICCAYA (Belgium) soundcloud.com/michel-piccaya
** AFTERLIFE (South Africa)
** EGG & SPOON (South Africa)

TICKETS (Quicket presale): qkt.io/1vna1u

> THAT’S THE SPIRIT (Earlybird) – R160.00 (avlbl until 19 April)
> WANTED TICKET (Standard) – R200.00 (avlbl from 19 April)
> DOOR TICKETS (if avlbl) – R220.00 < 18h00 > R250.00


– this event starts at 14h00 … so ARRIVE EARLY to enjoy the unobstructed view of Table Mountain from outside the venue.
– Square Tomato food truck will be our caterers for the duration of the event (vegetarian & meat dishes – these guys are super recommended !!)
– we are running a full, CASH-LESS BAR for efficiency & faster service (cash, Snapscan & Yoco on site). Drink vouchers can be bought presale or on site at the gate & bar area. Remaining funds are redeemable.
– The Spirit Train itself will not be at this event, but don’t be eluded … this is not the party to miss !! We have other surprises … !!

So please come and enjoy, and support our very financially-demanding project by attending this event – a notoriously wild event at that !! Should you not be able to attend – but are a very generous soul and had your lid flipped on the playa – please see the links below to donate to our cause:

The SPIRIT Train (EFT)
Standard Bank
Seapoint Branch
Account: 074717693

PayPal acc: paypal.me/TheSpiritTrain
Quicket: qkt.io/LoboLives

LOBO loves …

LOBO listens …

LOBO lives …

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Afterburn- A SPIRIT Train Fundraiser


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Transvaal St, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, 7405, South Africa

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