Alt Night Ft. Matt Vend: The Vern – Howick

influenced by the 80’s post-punk and new wave explosion

7:00 pm

With shows being played usually for nothing more than a place to stay, a donation or two and a hot meal Matt has made it around the world on a smell of an oil-rag and has had the privilege and honour of performing all over South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico City, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. Sometimes on street corners, sometimes in people’s homes, sometimes in dive bars, and sometimes at major festivals.
The end of 2018 saw him release his 5th album which was recorded in his home studio and mastered at Angry Monkey Studios in Mexico City. The album has many old-time folk influences yet is his introduction to electronic, and psychedelic music, being influenced by the 80’s post-punk and new wave explosion.
However, no computers or software were used to develop this new direction which Matt has aptly titled “Anatronic”.
Since then he has recorded 2 more releases the 2019, “Lonely like a Holiday” and the 2020 ep, “Lost Inside the Static”.
He is about to relaunch his debut anthology of poems, “Awkward Energy” at Ike’s Books and Collectables, with a whirlwind tour ending in Cape Town, Western Cape, the arts capital of South Africa. The launch will be followed by a short performance by Matt at Ike’s, an experience not to be missed.

Alt Night Ft. Matt Vend: The Vern – Howick


1 Exchange Ln, Howick, 3290, South Africa