Broke AF Fest – Rusty Hook, Honeydew

3:00 pm - 11:00 pm

A great Line-Up of Bands for your entertainment.
Support our hard working musicians by buying tickets on their relevant ticket links :

You, Me and the Harmony – qkt.io/5dlul3
TBA – qkt.io/kJqjT6
Maybe in the Sequel – qkt.io/Ba6xFl
Six Feet Apart – qkt.io/bnn4zw
Lazarus Johnston – qkt.io/Tl2Ze9
Drumfish –

Broke AF Fest, where our beats are richer than our pockets…


Broke AF Fest – Rusty Hook, Honeydew


22 Wilge St, Wilgespruit 190-Iq, Roodepoort, 2040, South Africa