Craniotomy Carnival at Ellington’s Cape Town

7:00 pm - 12:30 am

“Craniotomy Carnival” was created to celebrate the strength, courage and survival of one of our own, facing a life-altering, cystic brain tumour.
This is his story and why we need your support:
What started out as migraines and black-outs more than a year ago, lead to the discovery of a brain tumour and large cyst putting pressure on this trooper’s brain and in turn, causing seizures.
On 19 January 2024, a risky craniotomy (brain surgery) was performed to remove some of it.
At this point, it is still unclear if the tumour is benign or malignant.
Lab tests are currently being done and the family awaits results. (More surgery and further treatment is a possibility.)
Prior to diagnosis, having to take so much time off work and with his current condition, he lost his job; is unable to work and had to give up his car.
The couple forcefully have to downscale and make ends meet on his wife’s salary alone.
They will move out of their house to a smaller flat by the end of February.
As you can imagine, their whole life is changing with unexpected medical bills, one income, no private transport of their own and uncertainty for the future.
You can make a difference by simply attending this show, paying the entrance fee and soaking up A-grade SA metal!
There are no online tickets.
Entry at the door is R100 per person – but you are most welcome to give more if you can or want to – no pressure!
All proceeds go to the couple and towards his recovery.
These are top notch bands with golden hearts, playing hard music for a good cause!
Please come support them and the beneficiary as we stand united in metal.

Craniotomy Carnival at Ellington’s Cape Town


&, Pioneer Street, 31 Northumberland St, Oakdale, Cape Town, 7530, South Africa