Dance Macabre – Rumours Lounge, Strydom Park

Free Entrance

7:00 pm

🌑✨ Dance Macabre Returns to Rumours Lounge! 🌑✨
Get ready for another night of dark enchantment as Dance Macabre makes its way back to Rumours Lounge on the 20th of July! After our previous electrifying events, we’re set to deliver an evening of mesmerizing music and unforgettable vibes.
🎶 Mesmerizing Beats:
DJ Dave Blaylock, the maestro of the macabre, will take control of the decks with his haunting goth and EBM sets. Joining him is the enigmatic Strange Lady, ready to ignite the dance floor with her eclectic mix of rock, alternative, and metal tunes. Prepare for a musical journey that will stir your soul and leave you craving more.
💃🦇 Great Atmosphere and Amazing People:
Experience the energy of the night as the dance floor comes alive with the best crowd in town. Join amazing people who share your love for the dark and mysterious, and let the incredible atmosphere of Rumours Lounge elevate your night.
🔮 Free Entrance:
As always, entry to this spellbinding event is absolutely free! Gather your friends and fellow seekers of the night, and join us for an evening of musical alchemy and unforgettable memories.
📍 Location:
🏰 Rumours Lounge, Randburg
Mark your calendars, spread the word, and prepare for a night of dark magic and rhythmic allure. Come, and embrace the Dance Macabre, where shadows and music converge to create an unforgettable experience. Let the night unfold, and may your soul dance freely in the shadows! 💀

Dance Macabre – Rumours Lounge, Strydom Park


South Africa