Dying Embers of a Decade at Prison – House of Rebels, CT

Dress to depress...

As we finally draw near to the death of this dastardly decade that has claimed one too many dark souls and keeps leaving an even more rotten lot behind…join us in celebrating a last gloomy gathering of the ‘Tweens under the Gothic Resurrection banner on the dance floor in a prelude to all the New Year’s Eve parties entering the roaring 20s ….Arise from your crypts, ye Darklings, and dance to the sweet music of the children of the night….for one last time amid the death throes of the ‘Tweenies…book those brood mothers…dust off them boots…adorn the dark robes…and harken the call to a deliciously darkened and decorated Prison-House of Rebels with Minstrel, Dr Death, Myster-I, Nytrox and special guest DJ Ms. Poison Perfume for the final time at this epic establishment!

The blood tax is R50 to appease the mortal remains of the gods of the Dance!!! Dress to depress…

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Dying Embers of a Decade at Prison – House of Rebels, CT


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28 Somerset Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa

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