Halloween 2019 (Trick Or Treat) – Gandalf’s, Cape Town

a night celebration and fond memories of absent family and friends!!!

From to 9:00 pm

BLOOD DOLL SOCIETY, GOTHAM THE ENTITY AND GOTHIC RESURRECTION have joined forces to bring you two days/ nights of TRICK & TREATS!!!

FRIDAY NIGHT (Tricks) (1 November – 9pm ’til late) Kicks off the festivities with a walk through the HALL OF HORRORS into the PAN’S PLAYGROUND of PLEASURE.

We’ll spin the WHEEL OF FORTUNE to get us to unleash the FOLLY of BACCHUS on our parched throats.

The disturbance that moves the air and brings on a clamour of dissonance (later known as music) is the discord of the musical beasts; some sentient, some mechanical, some symbiotic… but makers of music non-the-less: bearing names like MASTER-BLASTER / ANDROID / ZOMBITCH / DR DEATH to name just a few.

The anticipant mass all dressed up and costumed, prancing around showing off their wear! A PRIZE FOR BEST DRESSED is the prize to keep their eyes on as music plays on and festivities flair!

SATURDAY AFTERNOON (2 November – 2pm ‘til 7pm) (I HAVE SEEN THE FUTURE!)

This year we have a treat for those of you who “walk the line between good and evil”. This is the year for you and your kids (baby bats, blood dolls, punklings, etc) to share an afternoon of festivities which includes…

• PUMPKIN COMPETITION (DISPLAY + WIN) (Cut at Home, Display at Club)

Stand chance to win amazing prizes by displaying your fine works of art outside of Gandalfs for all to see.
(contact us via FB messenger to enter your kid into this competition) 🎃🎃🎃

• An Indoor Market with stalls (Paraphernalia, Sweets, Treats, Candy, Clothing, Accessories, Oddities, etc) 🍬🍭🎂🍰

Incl: Coffee on Tap made by Morgan’s Deli (Tableview).
All your favorite brews,☕☕☕
as well as muffins!!! ❤️🙂

• HALL OF HORRORS (entrance)

The grand entrance to Cape Town’s premier Halloween Event…
muuu-hahahaha ,🦇🕷️👹💀

be on the lookout for real ghosts and ghouls who roaming amongst the living… ,😨😈🙈🙉🙊👻👽

(Inger ♥Iceheart♥ + Melissa Bradnick)

Visual Display For your pleasure from Extremely Talented Alternative Artist.

• WHEEL OF FORTUNE (Lucky Draw, Kids Prizes Only)

We spin the wheel and fate decides who gets the prize… a big selection of goodies for our costumed kids…

• OL’ STYLE CINEMA ” Vintage is Lekker ” Go Back in time with a bag of popcorn. Get ready for Thrills spills and the Late night double feature that will take you 60 years back to how it all started, To the sound of the reel turning the flicker of light that old school amp sound in mono sound ah yes the good ol days like we say “Vinatge is Lekker” we going to Reel you in on this one.

• Tricks & Treats
Who knows where this lands?
A trick for some ,🕷️ and a treat 🍭for others. make the right choice. ,😀😀😀

• And More, More, More

SATURDAY NIGHT TREATS (2 November – 9pm ‘til Late) (BACK TO THE FUTURE!)

More dancing with MINSTREL (9pm – 11pm) | DJ REANIMATOR (11pm – 1am) | MYSTER-I (1am – Close) … Who will enchant the floor with CLASSICS FROM THE UNDERWORLD all night long while we continue to spin the wheel of fortune to the barman’s delight of enticing drink specials!

We continue to set the night’s ablaze with electric candlelight, Ghosts and Ghouls, Cackling Witches, Wraiths, Lost Souls and Druids all walking amongst us…

a night celebration and fond memories of absent family and friends!!!


Halloween 2019 (Trick Or Treat) – Gandalf’s, Cape Town


299 Lower Main Rd, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925, South Africa