I Speak For The Trees – Durban

Join us on evening of the 5th of December at 6:30pm for a truly unique, enlightening experience.

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

We at COMMUNITY ZA are proud to be one of the very first places to house this garden of sculptures.

Join us on evening of the 5th of December at 6:30pm for a truly unique, enlightening experience.

Mzansi Arts Development Ensemble(MADE)has initiated a campaign called Art for a Healthy Lifestyle which has culminated into a workshop and collaborative visual art exhibition, a project spearheaded by MADE’s visual art coordinator, Christine Adams. The aim of this project is to spread awareness about the effects of pollution, littering and other environmental dangers through the medium of visual art. The project is designed to include a weekly beachfront cleanup to gather materials like plastic bags and plastic bottles, chip packets and tin cans. The six artists have since created a series of sculptures including a series of five trees with wire which is then ‘decorated’ by the gathered recyclable materials. The trees have formed the centre piece of the project as they were meant to be a way to teach the artists to think through making. In addition to this, the artists were then tasked with the production of their own work under the same theme of environmental awareness.

Each of the eleven artworks will come together to create a sculpture garden in a park where visitors, tourists and locals can go and visit and be exposed to the talents of each person as well as see the collaborative work that will unite and consolidate the exhibition. This project will be exhibitedin a range of locations and will come to include the eleven sculptures, a printed (and online version) catalogue and a documentary by Zac Harris and Christine Adams. In addition to this, the exhibition will see a series of framed drawings and photograph stills of the project process. Viewers would ultimately be exposed to the environmental message imbedded in each of the works. It is a chance for Durban artists to come together in a group exhibition to promote Durban as a culturally and creatively enriched area that is also environmentally conscious.

Imagine being able to name Durban as one of the creative centres in South Africa. Consider the possibilities and positive outcomes a sculpture garden can bring. Existing in one of the parks in the area, people would be able to walk through the park and be exposed to a range of artists’ works and centred around the theme of recycling and waste disposal, an issue that plagues not only Durban but exists as a global epidemic. Durban has the capacity to become a cultural and artistic epicentre by providing a place for artists and the community to express themselves and show their vibrant cultural backgrounds. This would fall in line with a number of Mzansi Arts Development Ensemble projects that are looking to be implemented in the Durban region.


I Speak For The Trees – Durban


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