ICON 2019 LARP Evening – Emperors Palace, Kempton Park

ICON 2019 is offering two LARP’s on Friday 19th April. Neither of which are Boffer LARP’s. That means you need to use your brains and interpersonal skills to affect their outcome!

6:00 pm - 11:00 pm


ICON 2019 is offering two LARP’s on Friday 19th April.

Neither of which are Boffer LARP’s. That means you need to use your brains and interpersonal skills to affect their outcome! Weapons are for decorative purposes only… That doesn’t mean that your characters will be in a safe any fluffy environment – LARP death just as real at the hands of a set of dice! 😊

Follow the links below to join either the Futuristic L5R (Legends of the Five Rings – think Japan) LARP or the Sci-Fi LARP set at the other end of the Galaxy.

Neither LARP is costume heavy. Plenty of Gender choices. Your character will be decided by the organisers and sent out on the Monday or Tuesday prior to ICON.

Payments will be collected on the night via cash or card.
Please only book if you are definitely coming. We will not have an opportunity to fill spaces during ICON set-up on Friday.


“It is the year 3122 and Rokugan has expanded into the stars. Iweko CXII sits on the throne of the Empire of Emerald Stars. Some things, however, never change. As the seasons on Rokugan turn colder and the snow begins the fly, the pre-eminent samurai of the clans gather on Imperial Space Station, Lady Sun’s Last Haven for Winter Court.
The Crab have found a new enemy among the Stars. They race to find support for their war against creatures of Shadow called The Scarab.
The Unicorn and the Phoenix have signed a peace treaty after a recent war, however, tensions run high and accusations of corporate espionage are flying between the two clans.
Following in the wake of the Emerald Champion Nazo and the Dragon Clan’s defeat at the hands of the Spider and Crane Clans, tensions in the Imperial Court run high.
The Scorpion stand accused of harbouring a previously Mantis Clan pirate captain by the Lion, who seek to bring the criminal to justice.
One thing is certain, the Winter Court is bound to be interesting! ”

Cost: R 175 Sushi and Soft drinks provide.

The sign-up form can be found here: goo.gl/forms/caJClFINEq7d3QCt1

The Tower

You are a genetically engineered human being living in the distant future in a
building several thousand story’s high on a planet at the very edge of uninhabited
space. The building was officially called Bastion 1067, but its inhabitants call it the
Tower. Once it was home to tens of thousands of beings like you, all of whom
were devoted to the single task of conserving the machinery that keeps the energy
of a star held on the brink of going supernova. All this energy harnessed and
focused, is the sole weapon against the Sluagh (pronounced Sloo). These beings
from the depths of space are composed of dark matter and drain all life and
energy from everything they encounter.
The Galactic Imperium of which you are a citizen and which was once spread
across thousands of light years and countless worlds, found that all of its
technology and military force meant nothing against the onslaught of the Sluagh,
and so the Imperium had to retreat in disarray. Then, quite by chance, the Sluagh
were attacking a world in a system whose sun suddenly exploded. In the
aftermath of this cataclysm the Sluagh were nowhere to be seen. Out of
desperation inspiration is found, and so the Imperium harvested the energy of
many systems’ suns and contained this energy in a chain of vast structures on the
worlds found at the edge of the Imperium. These were called the Bastions and
they existed like vast destructive mines to obliterate any Sluagh onslaught. Thus
protected, the Imperium could then rebuild behind the protective barrier they had
created. The Imperium revived and flourished on the core worlds at the center of
its once vast territory.
Decades and then centuries passed, and the Sluagh menace appeared and
disappeared at unpredictable intervals. One by one the Bastions were engulfed
and vanished but at least the Slaugh menace seemed to have abated and the
core worlds remained safe. The Imperium maintained the few Bastions that were
left, fearful of what may happen should their protection be allowed to lapse. By
now the populations of the Bastions had shrunk from the many original thousands
to very few as automation and specially created workers, the Drones, replaced the
ranks of the original population. You are the last 10 truly human inhabitants of this
Bastion, the Tower.

Cost: R 100 soft drinks and limited snacks provided.

The sign-up form can be found here:

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ICON 2019 LARP Evening – Emperors Palace, Kempton Park


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