Invoking Armageddon | Mind Assault, Kill Frenzy, Moondaygun – The Armchair Theatre, Cape Town

Join MIND ASSAULT, KILL FRENZY and MOONDAYGUN for 'Invoking Armageddon'

7:00 pm

🔥 Invoking Armageddon 🔥
☠ Prologue ☠
A world in conflict and impending famine teeters on the brink of ripping itself apart. Chaos marauds the lands and seas unfettered. Fields burn. Cities, bombarded to dust, lay gasping in anticipation of that one final precious breath. Panic grips the colossal collective heart of a powerless global society, wondering where will be struck next, pressure growing, unrelenting. Neighbours scan familiar streets darkly before locking windows, doors and souls to anything that moves. An indiscriminate fear permeates those imaginary lines drawn between neighbourhoods and nations alike. Murderous psychopaths are unmasked in just about every mechanism of power. And yet, in the face of widespread despair, a small disheveled troupe of misfits stride undaunted, each one muttering to them self through a cynical grin “I fukken knew it.” Metalheads were always a disliked people. That is the way things are for those burdened with the gift of prophesy. And now, as if by a supernatural calling, each recognizes the need to convene.
☠ Act One, Scene One ☠
Our protagonist arrives to the gate of a fondly familiar establishment. There is the sound of raucous music inside and the look of friendly faces. Good! Others have come. It’s the right place then. The world still offers some sheltered nooks from which the unfolding madness can be observed. Our protagonist enters into an ironic wonderland of dark and macabre aesthetics. There is a homely feel about all of it. Delicious cold beer runs abundant. More kin keep arriving, all drawn by the same pull and an excited babble of voices gradually rises to compete with the background music. Suddenly, a blaze of light and spiking decibels as a band declares itself boldly from the stage. For the next few hours, all shall be…. extremely well 😊
Finish this story by joining MIND ASSAULT, KILL FRENZY and MOONDAYGUN for ‘Invoking Armageddon’ \m/
R120 online
R150 at the gate
19:00 pizza, beer & socialz
21:00 live & loud heavy fucking metal
00:00 Armageddon
Your hosts
Mind Assault – mindassault.bandcamp.com/music
Kill Frenzy – killfrenzy1.bandcamp.com/
Moondaygun – moondaygun.bandcamp.com/


Invoking Armageddon | Mind Assault, Kill Frenzy, Moondaygun – The Armchair Theatre, Cape Town


135 Lower Main Rd, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925, South Africa