Jozi City Takeover – Fox Junction Event Venue, Jhb

We are super pumped and excited to announce the Jozi Takeover city walk . #takeover #jozitakeover

3:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Many people have asked , and we have listened .
We are super pumped and excited to announce the Jozi Takeover city walk . #takeover #jozitakeover

Aim of the event :

The aim is to try and set a record for the worlds biggest gathering of photographers and like minded people to take over the city of Johannesburg .

The event is FREE to all who attend .

Who may or may want to attend :

Anyone with a camera wanting to walk the streets of Jozi should attend this event .
Anyone who has ever wanted to walk in the city and with the safety of other like minded people should be there .

If you want to make a statement to the council and show them how much you love Jozi, you should be there .
“I don’t have a camera” …. It doesn’t really matter, you have a cellphone and that can also take pictures .

“I don’t like taking photos” ……. it doesn’t matter just come and walk the city in to the sunset and experience the magic of the City of Johannesburg on a summers afternoon .

Bring a bicycle if you wish, skateboards, roller blades etc…….
If you want to bring a model, then feel free .

This walk is for the people of Jozi to give back their love to the city ,and more importantly, for those who are too nervous to enter the city …….. to come and experience her magic and architecture .

Spend the afternoon making friends, and for the photographers it is a great opportunity to spend some time with some of the best photographers in Johannesburg .

Meeting place and parking :

We are meeting at 1 Fox The Sheds and there is secure parking at a nominal fee for those who wish to use that facility .

Logistics regarding wheather ,gear, families and kids :

Bring your children, wife, hubby, mother, father and any extended family .
A camera will be a nice addition but is not a necessity .
If it rains, we still walk, the storms don’t last long and normally the rain brings it’s own magic in to the city .
Some nice and comfortable walking shoes will go a long way .

We are proud to announce that the event will be associated with Fujifilm South Africa but any gear and camera is welcome 🙂

Let’s celebrate Jozi .
Share this far and wide so that we can get as many people as possible to join us in this celebration .

Looking forward to seeing as many of you there as possible .

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Jozi City Takeover – Fox Junction Event Venue, Jhb


More about this event:

14 Alexander St, Ferreiras Dorp, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa

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