Love is an open field: KIEF Modils Valentine’s Open Day – Jan Cilliers Park, Pretoria

Calling all models and photographers!

Get ready to embrace the enchanting vibes of nature at “Love is an open field” Open Day in support of CANSA and World Cancer Day. Join us on the 10th of February at the picturesque Jan Cilliers Park in Pretoria, South Africa, for a day filled with creativity, love, and philanthropy.
Event Highlights:
Picnic in Bloom: Immerse yourself in the beauty of Jan Cilliers Park, transformed into a vibrant canvas of colors. Bring your blankets, cushions, and baskets filled with delicious treats for a blissful hippie picnic experience. Let the atmosphere of nature inspire your creativity.
Cottage Core Elegance: Embrace the charm of cottage core fashion as models grace the open day with whimsical, nature-inspired outfits. The park will come alive with the magic of flower crowns, flowing dresses, and rustic aesthetics, creating a visual feast for attendees.
Valentine’s Love Affair: Feel the love in the air as we celebrate Valentine’s Day amidst the natural beauty of the park. Capture romantic moments with your loved ones and enjoy the heartwarming ambiance while supporting a crucial cause.
Portfolio Building: Calling all models and photographers! This open day provides a unique opportunity to collaborate, create stunning content, and enhance your portfolios. Capture the essence of the day against the backdrop of nature’s splendor and contribute to a meaningful cause.
Community Spirit: Connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for creativity, nature, and giving back. Strengthen your network and forge lasting friendships as we come together for a day of positive vibes and shared purpose.
Ticket prices from R100.

Love is an open field: KIEF Modils Valentine’s Open Day – Jan Cilliers Park, Pretoria


Corner and, Wenning St & Broderick St, Groenkloof, Pretoria, 0027, South Africa