Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (1922) Silent Movie with Trio – Brooklyn Theatre, Pretoria

The production will consist of a silent film masterpiece, Nosferatu, which will be accompanied live and acoustically by three highly-trained, esteemed musicians, each performing on a collection of instruments ranging from the known to obscure.

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

– A symphony of horror (1922)
Saturday 9 February 18:00

The production will consist of a silent film masterpiece, Nosferatu, which will be accompanied live and acoustically by three highly-trained, esteemed musicians, each performing on a collection of instruments ranging from the known to obscure. The film itself is considered one of the great marvels of the silent film eras and is approximately an hour and thirty minute in running time.

The choice of repertoire to be performed will range from highly classical to modern, all specifically arranged for unique instrumentation to be as effective as possible with each respective scene in the film.

The audience will not only be treated to a masterpiece in cinema, but also to a highly detailed and carefully thought-out musical performance to match. This multi-disciplinary artistic production will serve to entertain far more than the standard classical music concert performance, or even the standard cinematic experience.

The Artists

The production will consist of three highly acclaimed, young musicians, all with several years of overseas-based training and qualifications from some of the world’s most respected musical institutions.

The ensemble consists of Danre Strydom, Cezarre Strydom and Jana Mathee. Each musician brings a unique set of skills; each specially trained and capable on multiple instruments ranging from woodwinds, brass, string instruments and piano, all of which will be displayed during the performance.

Brooklyn Theatre (012 460 6033)
Greenlyn Village Centre
C/o Thomas Edison and 13th Streets
Menlo Park

Danré Strydom
“…first-class performer and an impressive artist. Her total involvement with the music and unique ability to communicate makes her a very compelling player.”

“Her solo work was incredibly memorable….played with a lot of personality and refinement…”

Buffet -Crampon, the world-renowned instrument manufacturing company, has recently added Odeion School of Music woodwind lecturer Danré Strydom to their select list of prestigious artists. Hailed as the “Steinway” of clarinet manufacturers, Buffet has selected Strydom as the first South African ambassador for the brand.

Strydom has been performing on Buffet clarinets since age 12. She received her formative musical education at the Windhoek Conservatoire, before completing her undergraduate degree under the tutelage of Heinrich Armer at the University of the Free State. Her playing then won her several prestigious scholarships for overseas studies. She began her postgraduate studies at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music, where she worked with famous clarinetists Eli Eban and Eric Hoeprich. Further studies in Belgium with Eddy van Oosthuyse, resulted in two separate Master’s Degrees in Clarinet – and Bass Clarinet Performance from the Royal Conservatory, Ghent University.

Except for winning various national competitions (Namibia) as a young musician, she has won numerous awards and scholarships, including the R. Muller award for highest achievements in music and academics, the FAK music award, ATKV cultural diversity award and the Old presidency award. During 2016 she was selected as the South African Chair of the International Clarinet Association.

Strydom has appeared globally as a concerto soloist with several renowned orchestras. As an avid chamber musician, she has performed with various musicians throughout Europe, including major tours to France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands. Besides currently serving as principal clarinetist for the Free State Symphony Orchestra, she was a member of the esteemed Brussels Philharmonic from 2009-2013. The spell with the Brussels Philharmonic included an Academy Award for the soundtrack to the motion picture “The Artist”. Principal Clarinetist of the Brussels Philharmonic Eddy van Oosthuyse, describes her as “a remarkably talented and deeply motivated musician… who has established herself as a premier solo, chamber and orchestral musicians through her global concert experience.”

Jana Mathee studied piano with Truida van der Walt at the North-West University from 2000-2005. During her pre-graduate studies she received master classes from various internationally acclaimed pianists including Frank Heneghan (Ireland), Joseph Banowitz (USA), Caroline Oltmanns (USA), Vladimir Mogelevsky (Russia), Bryce Morrison (UK), Constance Carol (USA), and Thomas Hecht (USA).

In 2004 she participated in a youth-concerto competition of the New Orleans Piano Institute. She obtained a Performance Licentiate in Vocal Accompaniment from UNISA in 2005. In 2009 she was appointed as part time pianist at the School of Music and Conservatory, North-West University.
Jana mainly focuses on chamber music and vocal accompaniment. She has a keen interest in vocal music, especially the art song, and started singing lessons with Werner Nel in 2012.

During the same year she performs as soloist with the Austrian Baroque orchestra L’Orfeo during a South-African tour. In 2015 she obtains a Performance Diploma in Singing cum laude from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

In October 2017 she received an ITUKU-award for Creative Outputs from the North-West University for the concert Love’s Lost and Found which was performed with her husband and duo-partner, Dolf Mathee. In the same year she also received a Vice-Chancellor’s-award for the same concert. She is currently enrolled for a master’s degree in Piano Performance at the North-West University with Albie van Schalkwyk.

Jana has been appointed as pianist at the School of Music and Conservatory, North-West University, since 2014.

Cezarre Strydom

Cezarre Strydom began piano lessons with Valerie van Biljon at the College of the Arts in Namibia. After lessons with Nettie Immelman in Bloemfontein, he furthered his musical studies in the U.S.A. through the prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy and the Universtity of Michigan. His teachers have included Prof. Logan Skelton, Arthur Greene, Dr. T.J. Lymenstull, Michael Coonrod and Derison Duarte.

Cezarre is an avid chamber musician and was a founding member of the contemporary classical ensemble “Axiom,” which primarily performs new and commissioned works in the U.S.. Besides having appeared regularly as a concerto soloist, he has given concerts across the U.S., Mexico, Germany and Belgium.

Since returning to South Africa, Cezarre has been active as vocal and choir répétiteur through-out the country. He recently composed an original score for the PACOFS production of Francesco Lorca’s play “Blood Wedding”.

“Wisborg, 1838. Count Orlok resident in Transylvanian instructs the Realtor Knock to purchase a convenient home for him in Wisborg. Knock chooses a house in a bad state right across the street of his employer Thomas Hutters’ home. Hutter is the one who is sent to Count Orlok’s Castle to make him the offer and to arrange the purchase. During his journey Hutter meets local inhabitants, who get frozen in terror by mentioning Orlok’s name and then handing him over a book on vampires as a warning. First Hutter is barely impressed and considers all ridiculous superstition. But after his appear in person by the Count strange events accumulate: A bleeding thumb evokes frissons of ecstasy for the Count and Hutter wakes up in the morning with bite marks at his throat. Thinking of insect stings he doesn’t even become suspicious when Orlok looks fascinated at a photograph of Ellen (Hutters wife) speaking in high terms of her beautiful neck. After further scary occurrences the innocent finally becomes aware of dealing with a real vampire it is already too late. Orlok is already on his journey by sea via Wisborg for having a closer look onto his new home along with his new neighbor. Hutter, who remained imprisoned at the Castle now escapes in anxiety and hurries home by the overland route. It is clear in his mind that his wife’s life is at stake if he doesn’t reach Wisborg before the Count. A desperate race against the clock begins…”

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Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (1922) Silent Movie with Trio – Brooklyn Theatre, Pretoria


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