Revenge Of The Riff – Railways Cafe, Pretoria

"Come get your neck wrecked" - Johni Holiday, Ruff Majik

6:00 pm

By popular demand, a second (Pretoria) date for Revenge Of The Riff!
A long time ago in a garage far, far away, the Riff was borne of distorted midi-chlorians, and now it returns to strike you down and become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.
Catch riff-tastic rebels Ruff Majik, Facing The Gallows and Acid Magus for Revenge Of The Riff at Railways Cafe on the 28th May 2022, as they take the crunchy high ground, and consume you, they will.
Don’t underestimate the Riff – its heaviness surrounds us and binds us!
“We couldn’t be more excited to be back doing what we love and tearing up shows again. It’s been an unbearably long time since we stretched our necks and got a little frisky with a crowd, so to finally be returning just feels incredible. It’s been a challenge these past two years, to stay focused and be patient with our return which hasn’t been easy. We have a lot of built-up emotions and energy to shed so we know this run of shows is going to be special. We might have some new ear candies to share…. so, we need to see all your sweaty faces and watch that pit spin. We’re ready to play loud fucking music and you know…throw every stage dive & high five we got! We are coming out guns blazing and ready to party with everyone. We’ve missed being up on a stage, we’ve missed you and we hope you’ve missed us. So bring that A game, wear those spin kick tekkies, get your mosh on and we’ll see you front of that stage. Be ready for ABSOLUTE FUCKING CHAOS!!!” – James Irving, Facing The Gallows
“Come get your neck wrecked” – Johni Holiday, Ruff Majik

Revenge Of The Riff – Railways Cafe, Pretoria


2 Hack Rd, Irene, Pretoria, 0157, South Africa