SANCTUARY SESSIONS (The Dancefloor Edition PT 3) – Evol, CT

The night will be enchanted.

7:00 pm

Absynth laced tales of days gone by is on the tongues of massed oration. It is laden with the memories and constant chatter of a good time; a time so magical that some believe it to be a myth, and in certain parts of the Town of Capes it is never to be spoken.
It is with this indirect challenge that The Reanimator draws upon the power of the chronospherical-mechanism he just happened to have lying about.
It is a memory, and in fact at the time a seemingly useless trinket he had bought at the Market of Green Squares. Back in those days when he was a whisper amongst giants, an insignificant artiste in the ‘Circe Du Luna’. A rather cynical troupe indeed.
The charm of the time is what he will now encapsulate for one night in the place of mirrored lovE by courtesy of the Burr of Nards and his staffed clique.
The night will be enchanted. In fact it will be akin a night that time takes the night off of, and lets us slip out and get away with our lapse of Nostalgia.
The will draw out and conjure those who clad in dark attire, those who adorn themselves with art of the flaming tongued ink serpent. Those who are hopelessly enslaved to the oracle’s of spee’ka and those who are shed the toxins of mundania to dance..
The occurrence is set for the 3rd day of the period of Juno //.0.//.// at the 19th hour of the dayspan. 🕖 Way of entry is levied at 50®
We will have enactment of a traditional market of yonder. The game of slated orbs and staves and a merchant vending crafts of Bacchus delights. 🍷 🍻
Marketeers and Vendors can use the App of What’s or similar medium to mark their way to trade with Brock of The Athenians also known as Anthea Brock (076 983 8035).
Any other curiosities or inquiries can be directed to myself.
I hope and pray for a great day for all of us. We are deserving.
Yours faithfully.
The Reanimator

SANCTUARY SESSIONS (The Dancefloor Edition PT 3) – Evol, CT


69 Hope St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa