Sensayuma Summer Feels – Sensayuma Backpackers, KZN

We have carefully selected some of the finest artists to entertain you on Saturday the 1st of December.

From to 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

We have carefully selected some of the finest artists to entertain you on Saturday the 1st of December. From some mellow & upbeat Live music to some super funky dj’s later in the evening. The views are amazing, with 2 pools, 2 bars, a backpackers & plenty of other activities to take part in during the entire weekend!

Building on and developing the gifts she was born with, Shomon studied Opera at Sahmyook University, Seoul, South Korea, and has recently spent a year at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, USA. “I have realised that my gift in life is my relationship with music and, after being coaxed into performing, it has been a rollercoaster ride of opportunities, performances, collaborations, blessings, abundance and self-discovery”

Luke Falconer
Luke Falconer is a musical wordsmith who is busting out from the KZN Midlands in South Africa. This lyrical flow- monger floats his words above a web of grooves and loops, mingling the truth of life with a sprinkle of absurd. A pioneer in the field of FlipFlop-HipHop-CrissCross-RaggaBluesBop-InaCropTop

Roots Grown Deep (Joel elliot)
“They take us beyond blood and bone, beyond memory and fear, to a place where everything is ‘no thing’ made of a single substance.”

Roots Grown Deep is a cross-continental ‘beyond genre’ musical and educational ensemble. We are composed and guided by the relational forces of ecology, humanity and divinity. Expanding still, we are a life-art movement and mobile educational-healing node that harmonizes the diverse voices of many disciplines, languages, cultures and personalities into a truthful, soul-illuminating sound. Our members are from numerous earthly tribes and cosmic origin, singing in a plethora of languages, building one family dream.

As curators of musical ecology, Roots Grown Deep performs and educates all over the world, ever composing and communicating the goals of planetary regeneration, individual soul growth, and love-fulfillment. These roots give sustenance and inter-connection to a network of light-filled communities across the land who are committed to unifying the principles of spiritual-ecological intelligence, as opposed to the mainstream aims of trans-humanism and AI. We are actively pursuing the arts of listening between breaths and producing a unified wave frequency that heals bodies through circuit alignment. Our deeper goal for live musical playing is to spontaneously improvise eclectic orchestral composition and synergy without direction.

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Sensayuma Summer Feels – Sensayuma Backpackers, KZN


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55 Lobotes Road Tugela River Mouth, Tugela Mouth, 4490, South Africa

EDM, Psy, Trance, Techno, House

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