Tarot Master Course JHB – Krugersdorp

Whether you are new to Tarot cards, or an old hand wanting to know more about the psychology surrounding the cards – this course is for you!

9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Ever wanted to read Tarot like a professional?
Wished to help and guide yourself through day to day life?
Wanted to understand more of the symbolism that you can find in the book that comes with your cards?
Whether you are new to Tarot cards, or an old hand wanting to know more about the psychology surrounding the cards – this course is for you!
With countless of five star reviews; written by Carmicca Ajudanté, the Tarot Master Degree System has become a standard in Tarot education in South Africa, including more subjects within Tarot than what has ever been released before in a course.

Within a patent leather bound, hardcover study manual you will find subjects such as:
• The History of Tarot
• Methods of reading
• Many pages of content on both the Major and Minor Arcana
• Using pendulums and other tools to enhance your cards
• Enhancing your psychic ability
• The Tarot Rede
• Reading Tarot Professionally
• How to handle different clients in readings
• Therapeutic Tarot
• Tarot Psychology
• Mental preparation
• Reflections
• Tarot as Counsellor
• …and many, many more!

You are guaranteed to become a Tarot expert in only 3 months!
After doing the course Sasha Holm says:

The world of Tarot is a vast and colourful one that comes with a long history, and a bright future! When day to day life fails in giving us guidance and answers in order to better our lives, the mystical Tarot is always there to take our hands and guide us down a path of greatness.

The Tarot Master Degree is spilt over 6 lessons, spanning over the course of 3 months (one class every second week). This allows this very unique course to go into depth with each and every card, method, and piece of theory that you will need to help not only yourself, but also others, and if you prefer; to read Tarot on a professional level.

Elize Holtzhausen gave a review on the course:
‘As a participant in one of the Tarot Master courses that was presented by Carmicca Ajudante, I was blown away by the vast amount of knowledge and information that I obtained throughout the course. His enthusiasm and love for all things Tarot is addictive to the extent that it can and will change your life. Not only have I learned a huge amount about people and the reasons for specific behaviour but also about, and very importantly, myself and my own truths. This course is for absolutely everyone, does not matter whom you are or what you want to do with it. You will benefit profoundly.’

The course off course also comes with a kit including the following:
• The Tarot Master Study Guide (an A4 patent leather covered, hardbound book of more than 150 pages of content to guide you not only through your lessons, but also help you later on after the course has finished and you start your solo journey on living the Tarot and creating your business.)
• A Tarot Cloth (because it is oh so important to protect your deck, the foundation stone of your amazing Tarot empire you built for yourself.)
• Everything you need for taking notes in class.
• A pendulum
• A Tarot bag for even better protection
• An assortment of crystals to help you connect with and cleanse your cards
• Although not included in your kit, the course does come with refreshments and edibles at each lesson to ensure you are hydrated and have enough energy to enjoy each class to the fullest.
The kit does not include a Tarot deck, but we can specially order one for you at additional cost. Please see the attachment as to why we do not include a set Tarot deck in the kit.

With 50 hours of classes you will be able to:
• Give accurate psychic readings with the Tarot like a professional Tarot reader
• Use the Tarot to rapidly improve your business, career and finances
• Identify what spiritual lessons you need to master to improve your life
• Understand how to use the Tarot to heal any challenge in your life
• Use the Tarot to rapidly improve the relationships in your life
• Consult the Tarot for quick questions or more detailed readings up to 1.5 hours
• Know the best way to consult the Tarot for important decisions
• Use psychic protection before each reading
• Read the cards intuitively for more accuracy
• …and so much more!
Since we want each student to get the very best out of the course, our courses are designed to be small groups, to ensure maximum individual attention to each student to help them in becoming the best they can be. Because of this reason we only train 10 to 20 readers per year, making this course the most prestigious and sought after course in South Africa.

Eva Michen says:
‘Having attended the first Tarot Masters course presented by Carmicca, what an absolute eye opener of what unfolds in the world of Tarot! Explanations are in depth and no detail is left out. Carmicca shares as much detail within you as he possibly can! What an excellent teacher/tutor! The course is well worth the money paid and I would most certainly recommend it for passionate enthusiasts. Thank you Carmicca!’

To ensure your space in The Tarot Master Degree, please fill out the required application form in the attachment and send it back for approval. Please be advised that we prefer small groups and therefore we work on a first come, first serve basis. As per our policy a third of the amount deposit is payable on acceptance into the course, with the outstanding amount being payable before classes start unless you have arranged for a payment plan for down payment over 3 months.
This certified course asks for an investment of R3,000.00, including your kit, all study material, as well as your classes and your certificate at the end of the course.
Deposit: R1,000.00
Outstanding to be paid before start of term: R2,000.00
10% discount on all courses if a student make payment of the full amount upon registration.
Payment options are available. Please contact us for more information on the options.

For a small investment and 3 months of studies, the Tarot Master Degree is guaranteed to change your life in ways you have not even though off!
Dates for the upcoming course is as follows: (please be advised that dates may change. As we have a very small group it is possible for students to decide together to chance a class date.)
Please know: If a student does miss a certain class or cannot attend one of the dates supplied here, it is more than possible to redo the specific class on another date in a one-on-one session.
T’s & C’s apply.
8 September 2019, 9:00am – 3:00pm
22 September 2019, 9:00am – 3:00pm
6 October 2019, 9:00am – 3:00pm
20 October 2019, 9:00am – 3:00pm
3 November 2019, 9:00am – 3:00pm
17 November 2019, 9:00am – 3:00pm

130 Libertas Street

I am excited to show and teach you the mysteries that has been hidden over centuries of dogma, showing the true form of the energy residing in the Tarot cards.

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Tarot Master Course JHB – Krugersdorp


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130 Libertas St, Noordheuwel, Krugersdorp, 1739, South Africa

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