The Aftermath – The Westville Warehouse, Durban

A Halloween inspired event guaranteed to knock your socks off.

3:00 pm

This November 27th we will be hosting our most terrifying event yet,
The Aftermath.
A Halloween inspired event guaranteed to knock your socks off.
Doors open at 3pm and tickets will be available online and at the door @ R60pp.
There will be prizes for the best dressed, so get creative and get SCARY, the average sexy nurse is not gonna cut it. Our mistress of fear and her partner in crime will be choosing only the best to step forward and be judged then along with the crowd only one can be crowned the scariest.
Music Line Up
Park Town Alt. Rock band from Durban a local favourite
Veranda Panda “music with machines and a violin” not to be missed
Our amazing staff will be ready and waiting. Best hope you are ready when the purge happens… We do things a little differently, not forgetting the laws and killing the masses but Instead we will be purging some prizes for shots and selected drinks. You definitely do not want to miss this.
We will have it all.
# The Dead Forest – Only for the brave. Dare To Enter? You have been warned not only
do things go bump in the night but you may even feel a little magical, but that’s just the captured creatures’ mysteries going to work.
# The Haunted Saloon – You can play some pool and have a drink but beware of the bar ghosts they will be watching you. Best be nice to their living replacements or they may follow you home.
# The Nest – Head upstairs and step into the Webs, the girls up there may be controlled by the queen but they make the best shots but be careful not to drink too much venom it may make you do some things you will regret later.
Line up for the day,
Squid Games ///
We will be testing your bravery with a few challenges from the world-famous squid games Japanese Series with our classic Warehouse spin to it. Don’t worry we are not planning on actually killing anyone but you may get shot or possibly get some shots.
Some of the games
Red Light, Green Light
Tug of War
Hopscotch (with a twist of dare)
Squid Games (Warehouse style)
The Winners from Each game will receive tokens for the bar for 3 drinks
Those that fail will be punished.

The Aftermath – The Westville Warehouse, Durban


Buckingham Tce., Westville, Durban, 4001, South Africa