The AlterEgos Fancy Fan Online Dress Up Contest

CASH prizes up for grabs!

8:00 pm

What is YOUR Alter Ego?
We are all looking for the bright side at the moment and what could be brighter than playing make believe and using your imagination!
We introduce the Alter Egos Fancy Fan Online Dress Up Contest!

Its easy and there is CASH TO BE WON!
STEP 1: Think of a creative costume and dress up (and dress up your family; your dog and your hamster too if you want!)
STEP 2: Get a R20 entry ticket on www.alteregos.co.za/product/fancydress-competition-entry/
STEP 3: Send us a (landscape oriented) video or photo of you showing off your costume via message on our Facebook page or email it to events@alteregos.co.za!

DEADLINE TO ENTER: 8pm on Thursday 30 July
You may enter as many times as you like – but each entry needs its own entry ticket.

We have a panel of celebrity judges who will help us decide who the winners are – and we will be announcing the winners on Facebook on Thursday 6 August!

🥇 1st Prize: 50% of the overall profits
🥈 2nd Prize: 25% of the overall profits
🥉 3rd Prize: 10% of the overall profits

Spread the word!
It costs only R20.00 to enter – and the more entries, the higher the prize money!


The AlterEgos Fancy Fan Online Dress Up Contest


South Africa