The Big Bad Quiz of Absolutely Everything Pop Culture – Rusty Hook, Honeydew

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1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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What a ride it has been! After almost 9 months of lockdown and endless Fridays nights of fun, our online quizzes are coming to an end. What better way to celebrate than with the MARATHON of all our pop culture things … IN PERSON!
We have spent many months staring awkwardly at each other over Zoom, so now we want to meet you properly!

This final battle of wits of knowledge will cover EVERYTHING pop culture from movies, music, history and books from yesteryear and now!
The quiz is absolutely FREE to enter, but if you make a donation of R50.00 or more, you get 5 bonus points for your team!

✨ 1 bonus point if you are dressed up as your favourite pop culture icon or in your weirdest garb!
✨ 1 bonus point for having a (non-breathing) mascot with you
✨ 5 bonus points for making a donation of R50.00 or more

Email intent to enter to info@uncutmedia.co.za to book your spot.
No email = no booking.

Teams can be 6 people or less, so get your friends together for a great afternoon out!

Alternatribe’s Strange Sundays #16 – Alternative Market is running at the same time, so you can even do some shopping beforehand!

Bring a pen, a mascot, your best mates, your brains and your sense of humour!

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The Big Bad Quiz of Absolutely Everything Pop Culture – Rusty Hook, Honeydew


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