The Nightmare Before Easter – Evol, Cape Town

Blood Dolls Society proudly presents ...

9:00 pm

As the distant memories of ‘#AQuestionOfTime‘ is waning off like the quirky smile to a pleasant memory! 🤘😉🤘

The muscular pains of a great night out is still reminding you of your dancefloor antics of #BlackWedding 🙈🙉🙊
make no mistake that the need for another debaucherous night is looming on the horizon.🎢🌃

The word “NIGHTMARE” in the traditional sense, is a strong word in the minds of some, but home in the minds of others.

Our nightmare is the place that keeps ‘traditionals’ at bay through their prejudice; makes ‘others’ feel at home (…this too is by choice), so lead no illusions – because all is welcome and limitations are by encumbered through the thorny bush of personal choice.

So that said, 🕉️BUDDHIST_Anime Boys/Girls, cellardoor_Coffin Kids, Bhamitsva🕎Baby Bats, Tibetan🛐deathROCKERS, PAGAN Cyborgs🤖, Christian✝️VampiresV TRANSVESTITE💅zombies, livingDEADgirls💀, Lords/Ladies of Grandiose Flair💃🕺… And girl next door of plain Jane affair 🙋👱…

Come and join us at


69 Hope Street, Cape Town

13 April 2019
Saturday, 9pm

• Reanimator ☢️
• Android 🤖
• Nytrox 🎧
• Dr Death ☠️

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The Nightmare Before Easter – Evol, Cape Town


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69 Hope St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

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