The Ridiculously Remote Animation Station Trivia Test

This is a kid-friendly quiz, so if you have a small person - bring them along!

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Even as adults, we ♥ animations (and you’re lying if you say you don’t!)

Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Comic Strips, Tiny Toons and some Anime thrown in for good measure – we will have it ALL!

This is a kid-friendly quiz, so if you have a small person – bring them along!

Whether you are locked down with your family, or on your own you can join in from a single screen on your pc or phone.
The trivia will last 45 – 60 minutes, with some fun banter and interaction in between.

The Logistics:
1. Click www.alteregos.co.za/product/online-quiz-ticket/ to purchase your ticket. Participation costs R20.00, check out our footnote to find out how to play for free!)
2. Email events@alteregos.co.za to confirm your spot.
3. On the day of the event, you will receive a link to the Zoom-Room in your email, please make sure you accept the invite so we know to expect you.
4. Please don’t be late. The Zoom-Room will open 5 minutes prior to the start of the event in order for you to size up your competition.

• Have a pen and paper and a sense of humour handy.
• You can play off a pc or phone that has sound & a mic… and a webcam or phone camera is a big plus!
(You’ll need the free Zoom Cloud app on your phone only- nothing extra needed for desktops or laptops)
• Please try test everything beforehand, we will not be able to help you with your tech once the quiz has started, nor will questions be repeated if you arrive late.

✨ 1 bonus point if you played the previous online trivia quiz with us
✨ 1 bonus point if you are dressed in majestic magical attire.
✨ 1 bonus point for having a (non-breathing) mascot with you
✨ 2 bonus for introducing a friend + FREE entry.
✨ 5 bonus points for making an extra donation. (see below)

1. ABSOLUTELY NO GOOGLING, we are trusting you.
2. No shouting out of the answers
3. No leaving the (irl) room whilst the questions are being asked
4. Quiz Mistress’ decision is final, we do not negotiate
5. Just have fun!

Quiz Mistress Dayle ‘DoubleD’ Robyn will explain the rules on your arrival.
Join us and the alternative community, make friends, play the game and keep the lockdown blues locked out!

On the 27 of March 2020, we headed into a 3 week lockdown. We decided to keep you entertained for those 3 weeks. 5 months later we are STILL here, unable to go party on a Friday night, and the Alter Egos and Uncut Media Team CONTINUE to bring you the most fun you can have on a Friday with your pants on (or off, we dont mind).

Due to the nature of our industry, the team here at Alter Egos is unable to work and therefore our platform is at risk of closure.
Whilst we have loved bringing you these quizzes for free, we are no longer able to do so.

But do not fear! We realise times are tough and money is tight, so we’re keeping things cheap.

Quizzes now cost a minimum of R20.00 to join and secure your spot. HOWEVER, if you introduce a friend – YOU get your quiz free AND you get 2 bonus points.
Donate over R50.00 and you get 5 bonus points!
Click here to donate.

Winners of the quiz also win a 3 month advertising package on Uncut Media (for your business or a friend’s) valued at R2500.00.

Help Alter Egos stay online!
Thank You ♥


The Ridiculously Remote Animation Station Trivia Test


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