Time Traveller @Mercury Live, CT

Mercury Live Presents: TIME TRAVELLER

9:00 pm

Mercury Live Presents: TIME TRAVELLER

|| The Toast ||
Creators of Rap-Rave!Slaves to the RaRa! Former SAMA winning duo, The Toast, is bringing a fresh new sound to South Africa. A toast to the world!

|| MARENE ||
With its 5 members, each with their own distinct colours, MARENE gives a show unmatched by other bands. With sing along choruses and guitar solos that can blast the roof off of a venue, MARENE packs a punch and gives the audience bang for their buck.

|| Holo ||
Holo is a new, 5-piece, progressive metal act hailing from Milnerton, Cape Town looking to share our take on music with and contribute towards building the local metal scene.

|| Khoja ||
With concepts of horror. Khoja provide an experience that will give you chills and lyrics that will get stuck in your head.


Lineup Times:
21h00 – The Toast
22h00 – MARENE
23h00 – Holo
24h00 – Khoja


Time Traveller @Mercury Live, CT


43 De Villiers Ave, Zonnebloem, Cape Town, 7925, South Africa