Wilderness Art Festival 2019 – W Cape

Wilderness Art Association is bringing its mission to full fruition by "staging" the joy, energy and creativity of our artists during the Wilderness Art Festival planned for 14, 15 and 16 February 2019

From to 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


The very active Wilderness Art Association consists of some 65 members and has approval to hold an ‘Art Walk’ through the Wilderness CBD during the three day ‘Wilderness Art Festival’. Confirmed dates 14th, 15th & 16th February 2019.

We strongly believe that this Art Festival and Art Walk will benefit and uplift both the Wilderness Business Community and our active Art Community, just as the Knysna Arts Festival has done for Knysna for years in the past.
Ideally this will become an annual event.

The Art Walk to begin in the Milkwood Village, down Beacon Road toward the Caltex Garage, along George Road, Leila’s Lane, passed The Wilderness Hotel and down Waterside Road. Beejuice through the tunnel and a beach walk to Salinas.
There are already establishments on route which have art on display but through the Art Walk we wish to involve the entire Wilderness Business Centre:
1. Milkwood Village – Art Fair and music
2. Flava Café – Art on sidewalk within the restaurant space
3. Blue Olive – Art on sidewalk within the restaurant and live music
4. Dr Smith’s Garden
5. Pomodoro – Art on sidewalk within the restaurant space
6. Green Shed – Art on sidewalk within the restaurant space
7. Info Centre and Caroline’s Chocolate Haven / Coffee Spot – Art on sidewalk within the restaurant space
8. Palm Garden Square – Art within the Square and music
9. Wilderness Hotel – Wilderness Open Gallery 2019 (and music)
10. Hello Garden Route – Within the Garden
11. Seodin – Within the Garden
12. Common in front of Wilderness Hotel – Children’s Art Activities and food stalls.
13. Salinas – Within the Restaurant
14. Beejuice

The Art Festival and Art Walk would be publicised through:
1. What’s Up in the Wild (2000 copies)
2. The WRRA website (2000 hits per month)
3. WRRA news (over 800 readers)
4. Press releases in the George Herald, The Edge, CXpress and Knysna Herald, South Magazine, Ideas Magazine, Getaway, Ticketstroom Marketing and Social Media.
5. A banner at the entrance to Wilderness, across the stream just behind the current WRRA signboard.
Please contact Carole Durrant of the WAA should you require further information: 082 569 0800

WAA’s goal – “To publicise the integrity of our work” – Hein Botha


Wilderness Art Festival 2019 – W Cape


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