Winterstand live at Ellington’s – Cape Town

Performing at Ellingtons Pool Saloon on 27 Nov

8:00 pm

Winterstand is performing at Ellingtons Pool Saloon on 27 November 2021.
South Africa’s Winterstand is a top-flight original rock band that melds cracking alt-rock power chords and acoustic guitars with the kind of melodies that launch long careers. The group’s recent album Glorious Life shows them to be adept at creating emotive songs that hit hard enough to move any crowd but still deliver hit-single choruses, meaningful lyrics, and a touch of moody darkness that will pull on your soul. Band members Mike Jones (Guitar, Vocals), Albert Ackermann (Drums), Michael “Cromes” Cromie (Bass), and Stephen Brink-Jones (Guitar) have been Winterstand for over two years now and have developed a sound that’s influenced by Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Creed, Live, and Radiohead but always remains fearlessly unique. The band has also released the single “Where Do You Go” and has another full-length album slated for late 2022.
Winterstand creates music for the sheer joy of the process, a love that’s readily apparent in every note they play. Though they’ve faced challenges and hardships, the band keeps on turning real life into amazing songs and refuses to let anything get in the way of that. They have chased greatness with an enviable perseverance that will no doubt lead them to success. Fans of great alternative/indie rock built on quality songwriting and genuine emotions need to get Winterstand into their daily rotation. Bigger things are clearly on the way.
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Winterstand live at Ellington’s – Cape Town


&, Pioneer Street, 31 Northumberland St, Oakdale, Cape Town, 7530, South Africa