Hatman Begins

Hatman Begins

He sits in his cave, the only light emanating from the screen in front of him. He’s been brooding long enough. It’s finally time to take action. He gets up, puts on real pants, making sure the utility pouch is firmly attached to his hip. Finally, he reaches down, picks up the hat, and places on his head. It’s time for a new hero in the land of Uncut Media, ready to fight the forces of forgetfulness and information overload. It’s time for the world to meet… Hatman!


Ok, so maybe that’s a little bit dramatic. I’m no hero, but I am here to save great films from obscurity. We live in an age where Hollywood churns out more movies and TV shows than anyone can realistically keep up with. This means that absolute gems can pass by completely unnoticed. 


The main focus of this blog will be to highlight great movies from the past whether that means a film from 1922 (yes, they made movies back then too) or something from the past decade. I mean, how many people still know LadyHawke? Yes, I realise I just set myself up and will at some point do an article about Lady Hawke, but that’s ok. It’s a great film.


While that is the main focus of what I’m doing here I won’t be limiting my efforts to that. Prepare to read rants and discussions about film related topics and even articles about TV shows. In time there will also be listicles, you know the sort, and more. Being a MASSIVE nerd, I may even touch on some classic games that have fallen through the cracks. All in all, I hope to create several subsections to the blog dedicated to various things, but we’ll see when we get there. 


So with that out of the way, welcome to The Back Row.  I hope that the journey will be an entertaining one and I would love to hear from you all. Maybe there’s a film you feel warrants a look for this blog, let me know. Who knows… I might even get round to it. 


In short, welcome, enjoy, and remember… “I’m Hatman!”






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