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Want the Fireball Package but don’t want to pay for it?
We can cope with that, we have an option that’s not going to cost you a cent – but in exchange we want the soul of your firstbor …. two tickets to your event to GIVE AWAY through our social channels!
Please email hello@alternatribe.co.za to discuss the details of your giveaway – in the meantime, feel free to go ahead and list your event by selecting one of the plans below – bet we can guess which one you choose!

We’ll enable your event as soon as you’ve emailed us to confirm your free ticket giveaway!



Free event submission

  • One event
  • Standard event display
  • 1 month visibility per event
  • 1 gallery pic
  • email contact details only
  • No social links
  • No links
  • not posted on our Facebook page
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Mage - business with fireballs in!


per year or 2 tickets to your event/s!

  • Unlimited number of events per year
  • Featured event displays
  • 6 month visibility per event
  • 10 gallery pics per event
  • email & tel contact
  • Facebook, Twitter & Instagram social links
  • Unlimited web links
  • Your event on our Facebook page's calendar
  • Posted on our Facebook page once a week
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