Namaste Day 2024: Experience – Cacao Ceremony


IXCACAO (Sacred Chocolate HEART medicine) Ceremony with Cazi Rich from Golden Warrior SA in Fulfilment Forest.
This experience runs for an hour per session and is limited to 25 people per session.

Please note that booking an experience does not grant entry to the event.
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Heart Opening IXCACAO (Sacred Chocolate HEART medicine) Ceremony with Golden Warrior CAZI Amber Yoki Rich.
As we sit together in circle with the loveliest Cazi Rich, whom holds such a loving and gentle but powerful space for all. We invite the spirit of Mama IXCACAO to join us. This heart-opening plant medicine is known for its ability to connect us with the power of love and open our hearts to the wisdom of the universe. And also has so many wellness benefits as it’s a SUPERFOOD for the GODS
Walking our way back to our heart

Starting Time

13:30, 16:30