Namaste Day 2024: Experience – Interactive Kids Story Telling


Interactive storytelling experience for children of all ages with Morgan Duarte of Morgan’s Tales in the Reading Room.
These experiences run for half an hour per session and are limited to 10 kids (of any age) per session.

Please note that booking an experience does not grant entry to the event.
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Interactive Kids’ Story Telling with Morgan

Morgan’s Tales invites you and your little ones on a captivating adventure, as we unveil the tale of these extraordinary trees. But we cannot do it alone! We need brave and imaginative souls to join us in weaving this enchanting story.

The Tale of Two Trees
In this edition we will be telling the story of two very special trees.
We will need some very special volunteers to help tell this wonderful enchanting story.
Come sit in circle for a moment with your children and allow your imagination to run wild as we share nature’s stories. With music, props, song and an open heart. Together, we will merge the boundaries of reality and fantasy, bringing to life a tale that will forever remain in the hearts of all who dare to believe.

Join us, as Morgan’s Tales presents a spellbinding interactive storytelling experience for children of all ages. Be part of the magic, and let your imaginations run wild in the embrace of this whimsical fairytale come to life.

Starting Time

11:00, 14:00, 16:00