Namaste Day 2024: Talk | 15:30: Frequencies


Frequency Talk with Cazi Amber Yoki Rich from Golden Warrior SA in the Speaker Space at 3:30pm.
Talks run for 30 mins with a 15 min Q&A afterwards.

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Frequency Talk with Cazi Amber Yoki Rich
In life, everything is about choices. We have options in everything, we have choices to make for ourselves, which then leads to frequencies. We have a scale of frequencies from shame to joy to enlightenment. The goal is enlightenment, so with our bodies- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, we need to be wise as our choices are an extension of our higher self path to enlightenment. Our story is ASCENSION!!!
How we choose to be and respond in our lives has a huge effect on our quality of life!!
The art of living is our responsibility and our choices daily create space for this
Let us look at ways to really bring this into our daily lives.
Our consumption is a key factor
Walking hand in hand with divine nature will support us and create space for lightness.
Let us choose to walk for darkness to light or light to light.
Moving into the frequency of love, compassion and forgiveness rather than the frequency of MISERY
LET THE LAW OF Nature work with you towards your enlightened self, rather than the descended version of self!!
Dissolving into pure light
Come join me for a frequency discussion
And ways to embody these choices