The Medicine Dolls : New Single! Danger! Danger! Disco!

The Medicine Dolls : New Single! Danger! Danger! Disco!

Cape Town based, South African post-punk/garage rock cult The Medicine Dolls are a band that the world really needs right now, with untamed fury and a glammed-out fervour for excess, they are the ultimate in sonic chaos, wrapped tightly in streaked eyeliner and delicious danger. Today sees the release of their new single and video, Danger! Danger! Disco! taken from the bands highly anticipated debut full length album Filth And Wisdom,  releasing on the 2nd October via South Africa’s leading independent label Just Music.

“Danger! Danger! Disco! is a love letter to the beautiful, destructive and emotionally charged nature of romance and misspent youth. A surf-punk twist contest for the twisted… play it loud!” – Greg Allan, vocals and guitar

Watch the video: youtu.be/JN825KqAYT0

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Filth and Wisdom releases on the 2nd October 2020.



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