Namaste Day 2024: Experience – Sound Journey


Sound Journey with Piet Aarde from Nature Spirit in Gaia’s Gathering Grove.
These experiences run for an hour per session and are limited to 40 people per session.

Please note that booking an experience does not grant entry to the event.
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Embark on a soul-soothing odyssey with our immersive sound journeys. Let the harmonious blend of resonant tones and healing vibrations guide you towards tranquility and self-discovery. Elevate your spiritual experience and unlock the transformative magic of sound.

Is a multi dimensional artist using tribal sounds and music as a trancedental healing tool in service of planet earth and all life.
As a sound journey facilitator and Khoi San trance dance initiate, the songs speak of healing, inspiration and the spirit standing strong in a modern world.
He has played the didgeridoo, drum and flutes for 21 years, bringing joy and entertainment with mask dance and drumming from the corporate arena to
Tribal healing circles.
The sound journey is a profound and deep healing experience moving through the energy centres empowering the spirit.
Starting Time

11:00, 15:00