Namaste Day 2024: Pre-Registrations

Namaste Day 2024: Pre-Registrations

Step into the mystical realm of Namaste Day 2024 on 3 August at Rusty Hook in Honeydew:
South Africa’s biggest esoteric fayre, where enlightenment awaits through captivating speakers, transformative workshops, enchanting experiences, gifted readers, divine healers, and an array of mystical vendors – a celebration of spiritual discovery like no other! #raiseyourvibration

Seize the cosmic opportunity! Book your talks, workshops, and experiences for Namaste Day 2024 below and ensure you don’t miss out on a journey of enlightenment and self-discovery. Spaces are limited – reserve yours now!

Please note that booking a talk, experience or workshop does not grant entry to the event.
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If available, on-the-day bookings for talks, experiences, and workshops at Namaste Day 2024 will be open, but at a slightly higher cost. Secure your cosmic adventure now to enjoy discounted rates!